Looking over the amphitheatre, Kaunos.

Bring taught all the moves for Turkish Dancing at a Beyaz Pool Party

Bring taught all the moves for Turkish Dancing at a Beyaz Pool Party

Looking over the river towards the tombs 

12 Island Boat Trip

Time for a Beyaz BBQ

Enjoying a delicious meal at China Town.

Up close with the local loggerhead sea turtles

Looking over the pool

Time to cool off

Banana Boat on the 12 Island trip

Time for a quick game of table tennis

Enjoy the mud in the sulphur lake

Looking over the pool

Covered in mud on the crabbing trip

Enjoying a meal

Meal out in town

Looking tanned a week into the holiday

Swimming in the waterfall

Peaceful waterfall before everyone has a dip


Gorgeous  view

Gorgeous  view

Gorgeous view up the mountains near the waterfall

Yummy Buffet! 

Table set up and ready for a Beyaz pool party

Beyaz at Easter - Find the chocolate before it melts

Time at the bar before dinner

Always finding time to relax

A bit of Turkish dancing 

A dog dancing for food at one of restaurants by the lake

Dressed up and ready for a meal out in town

Turtle near the surface in the clear sea

Looking out over the lake

Ready for a meal 

Fancy a glass?

Cocktail O'clock

Ready for girls night out

Chilling on a boat trip

Tony the turtle

Bar set up for a silver wedding anniversary 

Heading into town

Staff vs Guest volley ball tournament 

Setting off for the crabbing trip