Snap Shots! - Post you favourite memories from your stay with us on our Facebook page and we will choose some to put up here. 

Looking over the amphitheatre, Kaunos.

Bring taught all the moves for Turkish Dancing at a Beyaz Pool Party

Bring taught all the moves for Turkish Dancing at a Beyaz Pool Party

Looking over the river towards the tombs 

12 Island Boat Trip

Time for a Beyaz BBQ

Enjoying a delicious meal at China Town.

Up close with the local loggerhead sea turtles

Looking over the pool

Time to cool off

Banana Boat on the 12 Island trip

Time for a quick game of table tennis

Enjoy the mud in the sulphur lake

Looking over the pool

Covered in mud on the crabbing trip

Enjoying a meal

Meal out in town

Looking tanned a week into the holiday

Swimming in the waterfall

Peaceful waterfall before everyone has a dip


Gorgeous  view

Gorgeous  view

Gorgeous view up the mountains near the waterfall

Yummy Buffet! 

Table set up and ready for a Beyaz pool party

Beyaz at Easter - Find the chocolate before it melts

Time at the bar before dinner

Always finding time to relax

A bit of Turkish dancing 

A dog dancing for food at one of restaurants by the lake

Dressed up and ready for a meal out in town

Turtle near the surface in the clear sea

Looking out over the lake

Ready for a meal 

Fancy a glass?

Cocktail O'clock

Ready for girls night out

Chilling on a boat trip

Tony the turtle

Bar set up for a silver wedding anniversary 

Heading into town

Staff vs Guest volley ball tournament 

Setting off for the crabbing trip